about us

Our mission is to share unique stories from around the world.


We import wines from small, family-owned producers in South Africa and France committed to quality, sustainability, and equity.  


There is always something special about visiting the wine country and bringing back the bottle that you can't get at home. Our goal is to bring you those bottles. 



We like to find excellent wines at great prices that have rarely been seen before in the United States​. Our very small portfolio of producers focus on the true expression of the fruit and terroir with minimal intervention


Our wines are the product of intentional environmental conservation practices, including organic and biodynamic farming and making wines in the most natural way possible.


Social responsibility and highlighting the importance of diversity in the wine industry is at the core of who we are. We primarily work with wineries led by women and people of color and partner with producers who implement equitable programs and benefits for their workers.

A long-time lover of undiscovered wines and the stories of wine regions from around the world,  founder and owner​ Michael Whaley launched Still Point Imports in 2020 to support diversity and equity in the wine industry and introduce never before seen wines into the US market. Michael is Level 3 Wines Certified by the Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET) in London. The name Still Pointcomes from the name of the house Michael's grandmother Charlotte built in Santa Fe, NM. That's also where you can find the bench in our logo. Michael started his career as an elementary school teacher and school leader. But wine - its origins, its people, and the unique cultures around the world - has always been a passion. So here we are.